Friends of Poinciana Villages
About Us

This group was founded by like-minded community leaders reacting to the several injustices being inflicted upon the people of Poinciana. Our goal is to put the control of the Villages of Poinciana in the hands of the residents and solicit our elected officials to make positive changes in Florida Home Owners Association Law.

In February 2015, Peter Jolly and Victor Destemps were elected to serve as President and Vice-President of the Association of Poinciana Villages, Inc. Soon thereafter, Mr. Jolly and Mr. Destemps began asking the management company, First Service Residential (FSR), for copies of financial statements, contracts, and other records of the Association. After weeks of being stonewalled by the management company, the requested documents were finally turned over. The documents revealed that the Association of Poinciana Villages was being grossly mismanaged, resulting in millions of dollars either lost or wasted.

When Mr. Jolly and Mr. Destemps brought these things to the attention of the Avatar, and Avatar-controlled, Board members, they were ignored. It is now August and the Association is in immediate financial peril. As a result, Mr. Destremps and Mr. Jolly used their authority as executive board members to move what little remained of the Association's finances to an account that was not controlled by FSR. In response, FSR and Avatar obtained a temporary retraining order which required Mr. Destremps and Mr. Jolly to return the Association's finances to the control of FSR. Since then, FSR and Avatar have been spending what little financial resources remain, including the restricted reserve fund.

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation has repeatedly been petitioned to intervene on behalf of the people of Poinciana. They have refused! The people of Poinciana pleaded with the Judiciary to prevent Avatar and FSR from spending the Association's money. The Judge refused!

It is clear that the people of Poinciana have no voice! The people of Poinciana will continue to not have a voice unless the people mobilize to take control of their community. ALL PEOPLE, renters and homeowners alike, come support us and we will give you a voice to effect positive change.